Heritage Baptist Church, Prattville
Thursday, July 27, 2017



When we open the word of God we come to a unique crossroads.  In that moment we hear God speak to us at the intersections.  The intersection of divinity and depravity.  The intersection between the world of the Bible and the 21st Century.  The intersection of our goals and dreams and God’s unique plan for us.  At these crossroads we are always faced with a choice of which direction we will go.   We can continue to walk our road or turn and walk on God’s path.  At a time in life when so much is changing these intersections gain an even greater significance.

On Sunday mornings we open God’s Word exclusively and we stand in the intersections, listening for what God has for us.  We study the Word together and ask the question “So how will my life be different at the intersection of divinity and depravity?”


Sunday Mornings at 9:30 in the College and Young Adults room.