Heritage Baptist Church, Prattville
Thursday, August 17, 2017


Got Community?

Are you looking for a way to connect with others and build relationships?  Our adult Sunday school classes provide just such a connection point where you can build relationships, be challenged in community, and grow in your faith. We seek to be an open, loving, and welcome community of believers, but it's often times very difficult to make real and lasting connections with people outside of intentional and purposeful meeting together of like-minded people.  Real community doesn't just happen, it is fostered and grown, and real growth in a Church rarely happens outside of real community.  Don't be a casualty of casual church attendance, get involved, get accountable, and share life together!  Take a look at the various class groups that are offered and find where you might fit.

Intersections is our college and young adults ministry.  Anyone who has finished High School, single, and in their late teens to early 20’s is welcome to join us.  Intersections utilizes discussions, videos, and leader-led interaction with the Bible as tools for discipleship and learning.  The philosophy behind Intersections is that during this volatile stage in life, what each young adult needs is to have meaningful interactions with Jesus Christ, His Word, a supportive and loving community of believers, and with people who can guide and assist them as they seek out purpose and meaning in life.  Intersections is deep and meaningful, but also fun.  This group often gets together for fellowship, trips, movie nights, prayer meetings, and a variety of other things.  Some of our past projects have included storm cleanup in Tuscaloosa, assisting the widows of the church with work projects, taking mission trips, and partnering with the Salvation Army.  Intersections is led by Matt & Leigh Abele, and meets in room #16 in the South Hall of the main building on Sunday mornings.



Connections is a class for young adults and couples (some with children) from their mid-twenties (post college-age) and up.  Connections is built around the ideology that we need one another for more than just the Sunday School hour and seeks to foster a true sense of Biblical community built on relationships and common goals.  This group attempts to connect those who attend on many different levels, meeting both on Sundays and various other times.  Connections is led by Aaron and Heather Wright and meets in room #12 in the North Hall of the Main Building on Sunday mornings.


The Foundations class is designed for couples in their thirties and forties with teenagers and older elementary children.  This class attempts to offer a thoughtful and thought-provoking study of God’s Word that is applicable for the daily struggles of life.  The class leader incorporates a verse-by-verse examination of the text augmented by group discussions that help to ground the Word into the lives of those who attend.  The Foundations’s class does not currently offer class activities or service projects.  The class is led by Steve Floyd and meets in room #109 on the first floor of the family life Center on Sunday mornings.



The Rosegarden class is intended for women only and welcomes women of any age.  They describe themselves as “a group of imperfect women thankful to live in God’s grace and mercy, who have fun and serve together.”  This class employs several different methods of teaching and learning including lecture, discussion, and book study.  This class strives to be an active and supportive part of leading a God-centered life, pushing each other to be faithful, responsible, and active in their Church and community.  The Rosegarden class also seeks to reach beyond the confines of Sunday morning and develop genuine supportive Biblical community through regular activities, lunches, women’s conferences, attending community plays and sometimes movies together.  This class also offers service projects, opportunities to support missions, and reaching out to widows and other women with needs.   The Rosegarden class is led by Dottie Lawrence, with support from Twylla Selix and Betty Hagan and meets in room #110  on the first floor of the Family Life Center.



Homebuilders is a class originally intended for couples in the 40-60 year old range, but welcomes any adults, married or single.  This class attempts to apply Biblical truth to every area of life including home, work, family, and even interaction with the culture.  Homebuilders integrates discussions with traditional teaching in both topical and expository lessons.  While the class leader will ask thought provoking questions and discussions are both common and welcome, Homebuilders seeks to create an environment that is sensitive to those who would rather not talk.   This class begins each week with a time of fellowship and also incorporates other fellowship opportunities throughout the year including a Christmas fellowship and the occasional after-church luncheon in member’s homes.  Homebuilders seeks to help meet the needs of class members who are facing times of difficulty as well.  The class is led by Jerry and Twila Horne and meets in room #202 on the second floor of the Family Life Center on Sunday mornings.


The Truth Seeker class is made up of a wide range of “middle-aged” couples.  Our families have children from elementary school through post-college.  We do in-depth book studies of the Bible with a focus on learning, owning, and acting on God’s Word.  The teaching style is open lecture.  Members in our class actively seek to further relationships within the church and their community.  Most class members also strive to use their God given gifts in ministries both within the church and the community.  The class starts with a time of fellowship, followed by prayer and then our lesson.  The class meets in room #205 on the second floor of the Family life Center



The Primetime class is targeted for couples that are in the 50’s and 60’s.  They are a riotous group that loves to laugh and have fun!  This class mainly employs topical and expositional teaching of the Bible along with extended studies on books of the Bible.  The class leader typically lectures, but questions and discussion are welcome during the meeting time.  Primetime identifies its mission to “be a place to learn God’s Word, develop supportive relationships through fellowship opportunities, and to uphold one another through prayer.”  This class meets quarterly for activities including cookouts, pot-luck dinners, luncheons, and seasonal activities and parties.  They also participate in a yearly service project at Christmas time to support the needy.  The Primetime class is led by Pastor Parks along with the support of Glen Cook and Mary Wallace.  They meet in room #203 on the second floor of the Family Life Center.



“Seek and Know the Truth- Obey the Truth- Share the Truth”

The Berean class is open for all adults, but is mainly attended by older couples and singles around retirement age.  This class uses a variety of methods for teaching, mainly utilizing lecture, but incorporating questions and discussion.  The class leader mainly uses a direct approach to the scriptures, moving verse by verse through books of the Bible to discover their meaning and shed light on application for daily living.  Each class attendee is encouraged to “search the scriptures daily and become students of the Word” like the Berean Church in Acts 17.  The Berean class offers opportunities for fellowship on a regular basis.  The class is also involved in missions projects as well as involvement in the Autauga Interfaith Care Center and our local crisis pregnancy center.  The Berean Class is led by Lamar Reaves with assistance from Charles and Carol Styron and Charlene Hilyer.  They meet in room #204 on the second floor of the Family Life Center.


Elective Classes

 We also offer elective classes form time to time that study relevant books and topics.  We are currently in between classes, but will probably be starting another elective class soon.

Fostering a More Cooperative Fellowship

In recent months, several of our class groups have been making a concerted effort to bring about a greater sense of church-wide unity by doing events, projects, and fellowship activities together.  As the body of Christ, we want to foster a greater sense of cooperation and connection on every level, and we invite you to join us on this great journey!

Facilities Map

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